Kandukara Wikurulla
Endemic & Threatened Birds in Sri Lanka

Local Name : Black-throated Munia
Scientific Name : Lonchura kelaarti (Jerdon)


Smaller than the House Sparrow. Sexes alike, and the young are similar but duller and more uniformly coloured. The black face and throat, brown back, and pale pinkish-fawn patch on the side of the neck suffice to distinguish this from the other Sri Lankan Munias.

It associates usually in pairs or small parties, and travels about more than other munias, being often seen flying at a considerable height; the flight is undulating. The food consists of seeds and grain

The breeding season lasts nearly all the year, but April-September seems to be the favourite period. The nest is a untidy ball of grass set in a densely-foliaged tree.The four or five eggs are pure white in colour and they measure about 16.5 11.1mm.

It is a mountain bird, common in most districts above 2,000 feet, but in the wet zone it descends as low as 200 feet. This munia frequent tea estates, gardens, etc., but many also be found in the forest and in mana-grass and lantana scrub.



Source: "A field guide to the birds in Sri Lanka - Dr. Sarath Kotagama
"Birds in Sri Lanka" - G.M.Henry  

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