Colombo is essen tially a colonial city, whose rise to pre-eminence did not start until the 19th century and the establishment of British power. Before that it was much less important town than Galle.
The Capital, Colombo offered two easy routes into the Kandyan highlands. 

The city of Kandy lies at an altitude of 488.6 meters (1629 feet) above sea level in the center of the island and surrounded by the ranges of mountains. It is still very much a focal point of Sri Lankan culture.


Kurunegala is the royal capital for only half a century, starting with the reign of Buvanekabahu II (1293-1302) who was followed by Parakramabahu IV (1302-1326).


Negombo is 6km north of the international airport. The Dutch had captured it from the Portuguese in 1644, and made it an important center.

Several centuries before the Jesus Christ, while the Greek empire was at its zenith, many other regions were emerging from the stone age; Anurdhapura was already and advanced civilization.

Dambulla is sited on a gigantic rock which towers more than 160m above the surrounding land. The Rock is more the 1.5km around its base and summit is at 550km. The caves were the refuge of King Walagamba (Vattagamini Abhaya)
When he was exile for 14 years. When he return to the throne at Anuradapura in the 1st century BC, he had magnificent rock temple built at Dabulla. 
The site has being repaired and repainted several times in the 11th, 12th and 18th centuries.

olonnaruwa Sri Lanka‘s medieval capital was established as the city of the land in 11th century A.D.
Polonnaruwa replaced Anuradhapura as the capital city of Sri Lanka, Because of the invasion of south India.
It was the capital of Sri Lanka from 11 AD to 13 AD.
The important kings of, Polannaruwa period are, King Wijayabahu the first, King Maha Parakramabahu the first and King Nissankamalla.

The Vast flat-topped 200m high Lion Rock stands starkly above the surrounding countryside of the central forest with magnificent views over the Dry Zone and south to the the Central Highlands It was an exceptional natural site for a fortress, which were gets its name from the lions which were believed to occupy the caves. For many visitors, this impressive site is their favorite in the whole of Sri Lanka.