Dambadeniya About 30km south-west of Kurunegala, become prominent in the mid-13th century when the capital was moved there by Parakramabahu II (1236- 1270) together with the Tooth Relic. Little remains of the palace buildings though 6 ponds are still there. The 2-storey temple (originally three) about 400m south, which has Buddha images, is identified as the Vijayasundaramaya. It has some interesting wall painting dating fro the 18th century, when it was restored. It was used to exhibit the Tooth Relic which was normally housed in another temple near the palace.

Dambadeniya on the Kurunegala - Nigombo road was a Royal capital in mid in the 13th century. Excavations have uncovered remains of the temple of the tooth relic and the Royal palace, ponds and Garden layouts, moats & city walls etc.
Historic in nature, majestic in repose is Dambadeniya, selected as the capital of the kingdom of Sri Lanka by king Vijayabahu the 3rd (1232-36). The sovereignty of the country was at stake as a result of invasions, which dislodged Polonnaruwa as the capital. Vijayabahu, the king of the Dambadeniya dynasty fought the invaders and established Dambadeniya. On the summit of the Dambadeniya rock he built fortifications and sturdy walls and gates.  The city was made secure in its day by a moat, a marsh and ramparts round the royal palace. During the reign of king Parakramabahu (1236-70), Dambadeniya reached the zenith of its glory