Ridi Viharaya

Ridi viharaya (Silver Temple)

18km north-east of Kurunegala, marks the place where silver ore was discovered in the 2nd century BC, during the reign of Dutugemunu. It is  an ancient Buddhist temple site with rock cave hermitages and an image house with Kandyan paintings. Among the finds, which mostly date from the 18th century, are Buddha statues (seated and reclining), a door frame beautifully carved and inlaid with ivory, and a curious altar with Dutch (Delft) tiles with Biblical figures gifted by a Dutch consul. There is an attractive artificial lake at the foot of the hills. 


Head north from Kurunegala on Dambulla Road Passing Ibbagamuwa (11.5km), take the first right (east) after a another 2km. At 7km, turn right at the junction; after 9km you reach Ridigama. Turn left at the main junction, then right at the clock-tower and follow the dirt track for 200m. Turn left on to the sealed road, then turn right at the T-junction. Follow the road past the lake and go uphill for 1.5km to the vihara.