Samadhi Buddha Statue
The road north ( Sangaraja Mawatha) goes 1.5 km trough the site of the 11th century palace of Vijayabahu I to the superb statue of the serene Buddha with an expression depicting ' extinction of feeling and compassion'; some think the expression change as the sun's light moves across it. Roofed to protect it form the weather, it probably dates form the 3rd century AD. It is one of the more active religious sites it is adorned with lotus buds and payer flags
Mahamevuna Uyana. Anuradhapura,
"Samadhi Budu Pilimaya"
This limestone image of lord Buddha is dating from the 3rd Century.
Seated under a Bo tree, depicts the Lord Buddha in the serene state of Samadhi, or deep meditation. It's not secret why the Great Indian statesman Jawaharlal Nehru found solace and strength in a photograph of this statue when he was imprisoned by the British in 1940s.
The kindness of Lord Buddha flows through the half closed eyes, Watch as as long as you like. This is the finest Meditation Buddha statue in the whole World.