Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya
 The 'Bo' ( 'Bodhi') tree or Pipal (ficus religiosa) was planted as a cutting brought from India by by emperor Ashoka's daughter, the Princess Sangamitta, at some point after 236 BC. Guardians have kept uninterrupted watch over the tree ever since. There are other Bo trees around the Sir Maha Bodhi which stands on the highest terrace. In April a large number of pilgrims arrive to make offering during the Snana Pooja, and to bathe the tree with milk. Every 12th year the ceremony is particularly auspicious. 

A board, paved path leads from the point you leave your shoes. It is shaded by a tent like structure - tasseled ropes crossing the path colored yellow, blue, red, white and orange.  You can only see the top of the BO tree which is supported by an elaborate metal structure and is surrounded by brass railing which are bedecked with colorful prayer flags and smaller strips of cloth which pilgrims tie in expectation of prayers being answered