Thuparama Continuing north from the Jethawana Dagaba, turn left at the crossroads to the site's oldest dagaba to house the right collar-bone of the Buddha. Built by Devanampiyathissa, the 19m high dagaba has retained its beautiful bell shape, despite restoration work, It is surrounded by concentric circles of a graceful granite monolithic pillars of a Vatadage which was added in the 7th Century, possibly originally design to support an over-arching thatched cover. It is a center of active pilgrimage, decorated with flags and light. Immediately to its north-east was the original Dalada Maligawa where the Tooth Relic was first enshrined when it was brought to Ceylon in AD 313. Chinese traveler monk  Fahian gave a vivid description of its display, but only the stone columns remain  
The THUPARAMA Dagoba situated north of the Ruwanweli Seya. 
This is the first stupa (dagaba) built in Sri Lanka. 

King Devanampiyatissa erected this in the 3rd Century B.C After Buddhism was introduced by Arehath Mahinda Himi.

Thuparama was in ruins in In the 7th century and restored, and a Vatadage was added. The concentric stone pillars standing right round the Stupa are the reaming of the old Vatadage