The Educational System of Sri Lanka

The present educational system of Sri Lanka derives from the British educational system, which was introduced by the British colonial masters in the 19th century. The British colonial government established colleges for boys and girls separately. These colleges consisted of Primary Schools, Lower Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools.
In 1938 the education in Government schools made free of charge as consequence of the Universal Franchise granted in 1931.Subsequently many government schools called Maha Vidyalayas and were started in all parts of the country. The medium of education of Maha Vidyalaya’s was either Sinhala  or Tamil.
Today primary education lasts six years, after which the pupils sit a scholarship examination. Those who passed scholarship examination are qualify themselves to be admitted to popular schools and are granted monthly financial support until they pass out from the university.
After primary education there is Junior Secondary education which lasts for five years, after which pupils have to sit government examination namely G.C.E. ordinary level to qualify for Senior Secondary education which last another two years. Then comes the competitive university entrance examination which is called G.C.E. Advanced level examination.
Those who are not admitted to the universities can either enter vocational technical schools or be employed in companies or in government departments as apprentice or trainees. They can also pursue higher education as external students of traditional universities or at the Open university of Sri Lanka. The open university of Sri Lanka was established in early 1980’s with the idea of conferring degrees and diplomas to the working population who can do part-time studies by paying tuition fees.
Medium of study in schools today is either Sinhala or Tamil depending on the native language. The first language and the mathematics are compulsory subjects. all primary junior secondary pupils get their schools uniforms and text books free of charge from the government.
In the universities the medium of study of the Medical and engineering faculties are in English and, in other faculties it can be Sinhala, Tamil or English depending on the University. Some Universities do have post graduate institute that confer second degrees, for example Post Graduate Institute of Medicine attached to the University of Colombo.
In addition these system lots of private international schools are being introduced to the present day education.
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